Hello and welcome to A Game of Thrones.

Roleplaying- Its simple, use "" for when your is character is speaking and ** when your character is having a action.

Rules- Rule 1: No instant hitting, give the other character a chance to strike back, so when fighting or any other interaction stuff, use attempt or tries to, anything like that.
Rule 2: Respect your fellow Players, not the characters but players. In OCC, respect them or your out.
Rule 3: Be prepared for anything, you enter your character in a plot, he/she might die its always a risk.
Rule 4: Be realistic with your characters abilities, if its a Targaryen who can’t be burnt we understand that, but if your stabbed through the chest, your characters done alright dead.
Rule 5: Alright any house can have there own valyrian weapon, but not more then one got it. Wildfire is very rare as well, it can’t be just found any where.
Rule 6: No technology advances alright, if you do want to improve something ask the GM.

Storyline so far: (Right now we start in Kings Landing) Joffrey sits upon the throne. Jon Aryyn is hand of the king, Renly Baratheon is Master of Laws, Petyr Baelish is Master of Coin, Ned Stark is master of arms, Varys is Master of Whispers, Jaime Lannister is Lord Commander of the King’s Guard, Master of Ships is Stannis Baratheon, Grand Maester is Pycelle, and Lord Commander of the Goldcloaks is Sandor Clegane. Viserys Targaryen has married Arriane Martell and Daenerys Targaryen has married Ramsay Bolton. The Targaryens, Boltons, and Martells have the idea to put Viserys on the throne. The Martell’s have killed Robert Baratheon and that’s how the war started.

A Game of Thrones